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Still the Doctor
Because she's a real phony
Protège moi
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8th-Jun-2015 05:40 pm
Still the Doctor

Please comment to be added.


20th-May-2006 10:54 pm (UTC)
Awesome. :3

Your brother stops you watching Scrubs? For seriously I would rassle him for control of the remote. >:[ Arrg!

But when I'm dead rich I'm gonna buy the DVD's!
Psst, inanet = free stuff. ;) I downloaded, though it did kinda take a while. I use something called µTorrent? *nod*

Also: The LJ will get emo. You have been warned!
I'm cool with that, as long as you can cope with barely coherent ramblings over on my side. :D
31st-May-2006 06:52 pm (UTC) - Haa, I never notice comment son here!
Well yes, but he's one very fat and scary little boy! Well, he's not FAT. He's just... chubby. And scary. And a little prick. Grr!

I've heard of Torrent, but urgh, because we're still on dial- up :( My dad SWEARS he's getting broadband. Piffle!

Sure! Between emo and barely coherent ramblings, we'll be doing well! :p
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