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Still the Doctor
Because she's a real phony
Protège moi
Short short reaction post. 
1st-Jan-2010 08:04 pm
Still the Doctor
This is my reaction as copied from a Spooks forum. I can't be bothered to dissect any more, I'm just far too angry.

I have to say, I've never been more angry about an ending. Someone on [the Spooks forum] the other day said that the actors must never become bigger than the show... isn't that what just happened? The entire last ten minutes were a farewell to David Tennant and his tenure as the Doctor, they added NOTHING to the story or even to the characters.

I have been a huge David Tennant fan and I really enjoyed tonight's episode. It was a good romp, lots of fun, thoroughly confusing at the end, but...

I feel thoroughly ripped off. He deserved better.
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