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Still the Doctor
Because she's a real phony
Protège moi
8th-Jun-2015 05:40 pm(no subject)
Still the Doctor

Please comment to be added.


Still the Doctor
My banner is by myself (da_buffster), using a screen cap from disparue.org and my layout is by spire. The icons used in my layout are by coloneljack and geeky_graphics, and my default icon is by cantralian.
That's really all you need to know to realise that very little on here was not found somewhere else first.
23rd-Jun-2010 12:28 am(no subject)
Still the Doctor
So I've been playing with a new online picture editor I was pointed to and... well, these are the results... What do people think? It's slightly spammy, as lots of them are quite similar and only really differ in fonts etc, but WE, I had fun :D

The West WingCollapse )

BtVSCollapse )

Doctor WhoCollapse )

Um, I got screencaps from screenmusings, disparue, leavemethewhite, and Summerskin. I used some David Bowie lyrics and some Ani DiFranco lyrics, and if you reeeally want to use them, please credit!

I'd love some feedback, so all comments are welcome :)
5th-May-2010 10:50 am - Writer's Block: Cinqo de Mayo
Still the Doctor
Do you celebrate your country's independence? If so, how?

I wasn't going to answer until I looked at some others and saw two questioning when England celebrated its independence, which is even more disheartening when I realise that both respondants appear to be English.

See, here's the thing. We don't celebrate independence, because you're all celebrating independence from us. If anything, we spend your independence days in the pub plotting how to get world domination again.
1st-Jan-2010 08:04 pm - Short short reaction post.
Still the Doctor
This is my reaction as copied from a Spooks forum. I can't be bothered to dissect any more, I'm just far too angry.

Not at all spoilery, just cut for safety.Collapse )
17th-Dec-2009 12:43 pm(no subject)
Still the Doctor
FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.
Tag eight sexy people. Don't refuse to do it like a pansy. I tag (in no particular order): aboutlarnie, dappledlight, ebonybeach, limegirl, masqueradesfade, purpleface, willow_tigger, vin_petrol.

Here be procrastinationCollapse )

In other news, we had room inspections today, which are fucking ridiculous! They told me my surfaces were supposed to be kept tidy. I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of exams, and you don't think I should have folders or paper on my DESK? Also, what does it matter?! I get some of the stuff they said could cause actual damage, MAYBE, like my sink (don't ask), but why does it matter if the surfaces are tidy?! Grr.
5th-Dec-2009 11:04 pm(no subject)
Still the Doctor
TweetsCollapse )

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11th-Oct-2009 07:47 pm - Funny quote for the day
Still the Doctor
"Verbs have may fascinating characteristics"
- Understanding Grammar in Scotland Today, Chapter 4.4, by Corbett and Kay
11th-Oct-2009 06:35 pm(no subject)
coffee spoons
Here's what just happened:

Textbook: "While both mass and count nouns can occur after the definite article, only count nouns can appear as headwords after an indefinite article"

Brain: "Huh. Isn't it wierd that when referring to the definite article, people almost always use the definite article, and when referring to the indefinite article, people almost always use an indefinite article?"

Body: *headdesk*
20th-Sep-2009 02:13 pm - Rwanda - Day 19, July 28th
Rwanda - Day 19Collapse )
So that was essentially most of the update, but I'll now try and summarise the notes from the conference!
Aegis International ConferenceCollapse )

I realise that not all of this is comprehensible, but since it's been so long since the conference, it's harder to translate my notes into real thoughts! If you want something explaining, I'll give it a go :) This is now almost certainly the second to last post from my Rwanda diary.
In fact, it's the last post, but there were thoughts I had during the last few days which I ended up writing up for a talk I did, so I'll probably just transcribe that within the next few days. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon, but lectures start tomorrow! (Me = Excited!)
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